Uber Promo Code 2020 Ultimate Guide

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Trying to find a valid Uber promo code for 2020?

You finally found it…

Uber is a popular mobile app that connects people in need of transportation with local drivers in mere seconds.

This service can be far more cost-effective than using a traditional cab company and far more pleasant overall.

Moreover, both new and returning passengers can use promotional codes to drive their fare down even further.

💰 3 Quick Steps to Unlock $30 Cash Now


Use the Freebird app to get cash for taking Uber or Lyft rides.

Note: This works for new or existing Lyft and Uber users.


  1. Get the Freebird rides app (No cost, completely free)
    • Download & install the app: GO HERE
    • Login using your Uber or Lyft Account
  2. Enter a promo code into the Freebird app
    1. Go to ☰ menu (top left) then “Promo Codes” to redeem the code
    2. Choose a promo code from the list below
  3. Request your Uber or Lyft rides in the Freebird app


$5 cash back per ride for the first four rides for a total of $20


$4 cash back per ride for the first six rides for a total of $24


$3 cash back per ride for the first ten rides for a total of $30

HOW IT WORKS: You must request the rides in the Freebird app to get the cash. After each ride, you’ll see the cash back in your Freebird account. The cash back can be easily deposited into your debit card. Keep using the Freebird app after the initial promotional rides and Freebird will send you a $5 bonus promo code: ROLL10 after your 10th ride. Promo codes are only good for new users that have not claimed previous Freebird codes.

Want to unlock more cash? Follow the rest of the detailed guide below.

A promo code for Uber is regularly offered and published online and typically supplies deep discounts.

In fact, we will provide several proven methods to get as much free ride credit as possible within this post.

These are the promotional free Uber codes and savings strategies we will discuss:

  1. Uber promo codes for new users in 2020.
  2. How to be prepared in order to make your free rides go further.
  3. Know where, when, and how you can use your free coupon.
  4. Uber’s highly regarded refer-a-friend program (opportunities for continual free Uber codes).

We will also discuss bonus methods of earning free ride credit for Uber, as well as further strategies for continued savings.

2. Uber Promotion Code:  Be Prepared

Preparation is key to getting the most out of any deal.

The same is true with Uber promo codes for new users.

This section is chock full of handy hacks to help you get the most bang out of your buck.

Who wouldn’t want that?

So once you have identified the right, high-value promotion for offsetting the costs of your next ride, you can enter this code when scheduling.

More often than not, what you’ll get from an Uber coupon is a ride credit.

This credit will be deducted from your final fare.

Now pay attention.

You will need to enter your code before selecting the default payment method for your account.

The credit for your coupon code will be deducted before the company charges your card on file.

Typically, the most generous promotions are reserved for first-time users.

This gives passengers the opportunity to test the service out without any significant financial risk.

It is definitely worthwhile to stay abreast of the latest promotional offers.

Good thing we keep on top of it for you!

Uber Codes for New Users in 2020

We have a complete list of the best working Uber coupons that can unlock ride credit that could add up to a free ride.

These promotion codes were hand-checked for validity and are completely updated.

Each code will enable $10 in free ride credit.

If you have already used the Uber app in the past then you should read our codes for existing Uber users guide.

Promo CodeCredit AmountTerms & Conditions
FLY$30 DiscountFirst Ride Only
NEWRIDER25$25 Discount$2.50 off each of your first 10 trips
MGMGRAND2$20 DiscountFirst Ride Only
CIRCUSCIRCUS2$20 DiscountFirst Ride Only
NEWRIDER15$15 Discount$5 off each of your first 3 trips

*Note:  Codes for new user Uber coupons tend to have shorter expiration dates, so we always recommend using your promotional discount within 14 days of applying it to your account.

The Best Uber Discounts for 2020

Wondering which discounts for Uber is currently the best?

Certain promotions are good for certain situations.

These are our best Uber coupons for free rides and their purposes:

  • New User Uber promo code (worth up to $10): FLY.
  • Uber promotion for current customers:  use Lyft promo code (discussed below; worth up to $50): SHYFT.

And remember, these Uber free ride discounts aren’t mutually exclusive.

Try them all!

4. UBER Promo Code Options for Current Customers

So, I’m not a new user…

…But I’d love to get a ride for free with Uber.

Who wouldn’t?

The easiest, of course, would be to try Lyft, which is Uber’s biggest competitor (more on that below).

Currently, there are not any working Uber promo codes for existing users 2020.

Share the Love:  Ride with a Newbie

A great way to make everyone a winner is to share a ride with a friend.

Let’s say you have friends, family, or coworkers who haven’t tried rideshare yet.

Pick a time when you’re together and show them what it’s all about!

Help them to download the app.

Show them how to get free Uber rides.

Tag along on the ride.


You and your friend each get a free ride, and Uber gains a new customer.

Everyone wins.

5. UBER Referral Program

Another method to continue receiving trip credits is to utilize its referral program.

How does it work?

This is a pretty typical refer-a-friend program.

You refer someone to use the service by giving them your personal Uber invite code.

When they enter the code, they’ll get their first ride for free.

Once they complete their ride, you’ll receive a credit in your account for your referring efforts.

The best part?

There is no limit!

You can refer as many people as you want, as long as you’re referring for personal or non-commercial purposes.

For a full description of what’s allowed and what isn’t, check out Uber’s help page on referrals.

Fully Utilizing the UBER Refer-a-Friend Program

The referral program is a great way for customers to earn the same kind of credit available to new users.

You could invite your family members first.

Even the less tech-savvy ones can save it for a rainy day.

When they do use it, you’ll benefit too with a free Uber ride of your own.

Next, you could invite your friends.

This could be in person, or via text, email, or social media.

Free UBER Codes Q&A

There are questions that come up when thinking about using a service like Uber.

In fact…

Many people have the same questions.

Here are a few that can hopefully help people get the most out of their experience before even getting started.

Is your first Uber free?

It can be!  Simply download the app, claim your free ride credit, then take your first free or discounted ride.  Now you’re an Uber user, and as such are no longer eligible for further free Uber rides via promo codes.  You can, however, utilize other methods to continue getting free Uber credit (full section above).[divider]

How do I get a promo code for Uber?

Use promotional code RIDESHARE either within your Uber app or at Uber.com to receive $15 off your first Uber ride (100% verified).[divider]

How do I use an Uber discount code?

There are 2 methods.  To enter it through the main menu of your mobile app ahead of time:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Open the main menu on the top left & tap ‘Promotions.’
  3. Enter promo code RIDESHARE and tap ‘Apply.’

You may also enter it on the screen within the app before you request your ride.[divider]

Can I use my Uber discount on more than one ride?

Unfortunately, no.  Coupons are good for one ride only.  Even if you don’t use the full amount, it doesn’t ‘roll over’ to your next ride.[divider]

Can new users save those Uber deals for later use?

Yes, actually.  You can toggle your credits on and off.  As long as you ENTER the promotion code before requesting your first ride, you’ll be fine.  To enable or disable your Uber credits, tap the ‘Credits’ box when selecting your payment method (before or during a trip).  Tap ‘Apply Credits’ to enable or disable them.  Once enabled, the credit will automatically apply itself towards your next ride.[divider]

Can I enter Uber promo codes during a trip?

Yes, you can.  You must enter it before the trip ends, though.  As long as you enter that code before you complete your first trip, then you can enter your code into your app during a trip.