A Review of the Amazon Prime Now App

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Amazon has a new Amazon Prime Now app, which has made it very easy, cheap and fast to get what you require from the comfort of your home or office. You can now upgrade to cooler items for your personal use and home in just an hour by doing one or two swipes on your mobile.

The Benefits of Amazon Prime Now

Shoppers with the Amazon Prime Now app on the smartphones can log into their Amazon account and select among thousands of products, including leather bags, ice cream, bread and cereal among others.

After adding items to the cart, the shopper might choose either the one-hour paid service which charges $7.99 or the two-hour free delivery service. Your item then goes on its way to you and can be tracked using the app. Clients love the convenience of having items delivered right to their doors in such a short time.

Users are also benefiting more from this premium app. One can opt for delivery services from the nearby grocery outlets. Amazon has teamed up with mid-level and small grocery chains which makes it very convenient to get your favorite things easily.

However, before you make an order for a new refrigerator, understand that only daily essentials are available to purchase through the service, which includes batteries, cereal, paper towels, USB cables, toys, cleaning supplies and chargers. These items can be ordered through the Amazon Prime Now app, available on both Android and iOS, through the Amazon App Store, Apple App Store and Google Play.

Amazon.com vs. Amazon Prime Now

The Amazon Prime Now App is entirely different from Amazon Shopping, and the only way to enjoy the service is by getting the app. If you log into the Amazon website to place an order for immediate delivery, you are directed to this app instead. Mainly, the shopping experience is the same. You are offered basically whatever products Amazon can keep in stock at the local warehouse.

How the Prime Now App Works

Once you have filled your shopping cart, the Prime Now app asks you to select a delivery window. Here, if you are ordering between 8 AM and 10 PM your options are paying an extra $7.99 to have your order delivered in less than an hour, or pick a series of 2-hour windows to have your product delivered for free.

Prime Now 1 Hour Delivery

You will also be prompted to pick a dollar amount to tip the driver, with a default of $5 selected for you at checkout. After you have completed checkout, the app will process your order and you get an email just like the regular Amazon purchases letting you know that your package is on the way.

At this stage in the purchase, the Amazon Prime Now App turns into a tracking app. You get a map that shows where your package is coming from, the name of the courier, and a tiny purple dot showing the given driver along their route. When your package is 10 minutes from its destination, you will get a text message telling you that the package is close by. This is crucial as your package does not show up in the classic Amazon box with a smile on it. If you have ordered smaller items, you get a paper bag with all things ordered collected inside, but anything that cannot fit in an ordinary grocery bag is delivered in the packaging the product was provided to Amazon in. You or someone is known to you has to be there to accept the items from the courier directly.

The Cost of Using the App

Amazon Prime Now has a yearly subscription of $99. Subscribers automatically acquire unlimited free 48-hour shipping on more than twenty million items across different product categories. Extra perks include one year free same-day delivery on more than a million items in 14 metro areas, boundless streaming of many TV episodes and movies, over a million songs and over a thousand playlists plus many stations with Prime Music, free secure, unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive as well as Prime Photos. Deliveries are available from 8 am to midnight, 7 days a week, via the Prime Now App.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Prime Now could be another step forward in online retail. The service promises the delivery of various popular products in just an hour. The Amazon Prime Now app is the greatest development ever. With this app, you ran out of garbage bags, cleaning supplies or sea salt and you will have it on your doorstep minutes later.

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