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cashless payments
Why Should You Use Rideshare Apps? Peer-to-peer apps enable riders to hail an Uber or Lyft within minutes. These on-demand apps offer a cashless, convenient and easy to use solution to everyday transportation.

Lyft vs Uber: An App Comparison

In the debate of Lyft vs Uber, each service brings its own style sense and savings to the driveway. You are attending a party at your friend’s house and it is that hour that everyone is getting ready for home after partying and getting tipsy. If you take an informed guess, you realize you might …

Why Rideshare Apps Are Better Than Taxis

In the recent past, the popularity of taxis has been decreasing remarkably and their place is being taken by rideshare apps. Learning how to use these apps is a modern skill you need to master. It is advisable to download a ridesharing app for free in advance instead of waiting until it is dark and …