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How Do Uber Promotions Work?

As one of the best deals out there, there is quite a bit of hype surrounding Uber promo codes. The publicity is warranted. The rideshare market is quickly becoming cutthroat. Other players such as Lyft are gaining ground. This competition perfectly sets the stage for a showdown regarding which company can best manage to accumulate …

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How to Enter an Uber Promo Code

Uber promo codes can come in handy when you need safe, convenient transport. Depending on the value of your free promo code, you can enjoy your free Uber credit to get a full ride, or at least decrease the cost of your ride. Free? Yep. This illustrious certificate definitely lives up to the hype and …

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The Rivalry Between Uber and Lyft

Lyft has been the greatest competition for ridesharing giant, Uber. While the two companies have somewhat different business models, their goals are the same: get people from one point to another in a more convenient way and at a cheaper rate than traditional taxis. Uber has been the apparent winner in the rideshare industry for …

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Lyft vs Uber: An App Comparison

In the debate of Lyft vs Uber, each service brings its own style sense and savings to the driveway. You are attending a party at your friend’s house and it is that hour that everyone is getting ready for home after partying and getting tipsy. If you take an informed guess, you realize you might …

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