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Why Should You Use Rideshare Apps? Peer-to-peer apps enable riders to hail an Uber or Lyft within minutes. These on-demand apps offer a cashless, convenient and easy to use solution to everyday transportation.
Which is Cheaper Uber or Lyft?

Is Uber or Lyft Cheaper & How to Save $$$ on Both

When it comes to the rideshare industry, there are so many players nowadays.  It’s more difficult to figure out which is the best deal. While there are now many smaller companies offering rides, Uber and Lyft remain the heavy hitters. These original industry disrupters each have different offerings, so there are some comparisons to be …

Is Lyft Cheaper Than Uber?

Lyft vs Uber: An App Comparison

In the debate of Lyft vs Uber, each service brings its own style sense and savings to the driveway. You are attending a party at your friend’s house and it is that hour that everyone is getting ready for home after partying and getting tipsy. If you take an informed guess, you realize you might …

uber lyft benefits - Benefits of Using Uber and Lyft Services

Benefits of Using Uber and Lyft Services

Requesting a ride directly from your smartphone is one of the many conveniences that services such as Uber and Lyft bring. You don’t have to worry about flagging down a taxi, being late to an appointment, or worse yet, paying outrageous amounts for a short ride to work or school. These types of services have …

freebird app review

Freebird App Review: Legit or a Scam?

Many people have been asking me if the Freebird app is a scam or if it actually works? This is a good question and one we’ll dive into very deeply throughout our Freebird review and analysis. A few places to consider when you do research about a business like this is AppGroves, Play Store, and …

save money uber lyft - How to Save Money with Lyft or Uber

How to Save Money with Lyft or Uber

New users can enjoy a free ride when they initially begin to use the service. Once they use up their promo code for Uber or Lyft, they will need to link their credit or debit card for future rides. A significant part of both services is that users get perks such as special promotions, free …

How to Become an UBER Driver in 8 Easy Steps

If you want to make some extra money by figuring out how to become an Uber driver then there are some things that you will need to do. This guide will show you how to do so as quickly as possible. Tell me more! Uber, the popular ridesharing app is revolutionizing the method of booking …