Lyft vs Uber: An App Comparison

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In the debate of Lyft vs Uber, each service brings its own style sense and savings to the driveway.

You are attending a party at your friend’s house and it is that hour that everyone is getting ready for home after partying and getting tipsy.

If you take an informed guess, you realize you might end up with a DUI charge if you drive yourself home.

This is the time you should call a driver to take you home.

So, Lyft or Uber?

To determine which ride-sharing service is best for you, you should give both a shot.

This post compares various aspects of Lyft and Uber.

If you’d like to try each service out for yourself, you can save some money while doing so.

Each has a promo code for new users!

Take a peek below for the codes, and read on for an in-depth comparison between Uber and Lyft.

Lyft vs Uber Promo Codes

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Lyft vs Uber Safety

Uber and Lyft drivers must have a valid driver’s license and their cars insured.

Drivers are required to pass a DMV background check, car inspection, and criminal background check.

For Lyft, a driver has to be at least 21 years, with a 4-door car, 2003 model or newer.

For Uber, drivers should be at least 23 years, with a 4-door car, 2005 model or newer.

Each company uses a rating system to phase out the bad drivers.

While every car on the road is at risk of getting into an accident, Uber and Lyft drivers are among the safest.

Lyft has a high number of female drivers and passengers.

In matters of safety, both Uber and Lyft are good.

Uber and Lyft Company Investments and Popularity

Wealthy investors have rightfully put their money both at Uber and Lyft.

These investors must see the lasting potential of these premium ride-sharing services.

Many have been supplying large amounts of dollars in investments.

With so much money at their disposal, both Uber and Lyft offer incredible deals, for example, free ride credits to new clients.

Uber is more popular and has more investors than Lyft.

This explains the sign-up bonuses offer by Uber to all Lyft drivers that jump teams to Uber.

Both companies understand the effect of creating a solid base, and are ready to spend some dollars for you to try their service.

Uber wins over Lyft when it comes to company investments and popularity.

Uber vs Lyft Customer Service

Both Lyft and Uber have had great customer support systems.

As their clientele base grows, the quality of customer service is slowly diminishing.

Reply emails from Uber and Lyft representatives generally take one to three days.

Lyft invites its drivers who are active to “Driver Lounge” Facebook group where the drivers can share inspirational stories, publicize community events and even answer each other’s questions.

Each company has a great history of taking care of their drivers in times of need.

For instance, each company is known to compensate drivers for car damages caused by passengers and for tickets that are unfairly given at airports.

Lyft has a 24/7 emergency call center while Uber has an online support form that customers can submit.

Lyft also has an online form that clients can submit for non-emergency support.

Uber or Lyft Cost

Uber and Lyft are very similar when it comes to pricing and cost.

Both companies have some costly, premium rides in luxury SUVs and limos but a basic ride costs quite much the same in Lyft as it will in Uber.

Costs in the rideshares vary from one city to another but generally rides cost a dollar to start, 1.50 dollars/mile and 0.25 dollars/min.

Basically, the cost is about 2 dollars/mile, which is 20-30% cheaper than the traditional taxis.

These rides are slightly more costly in cities with higher ride demand.

At high-demand times and locations, the cost of your ride can increase significantly.

During prime time, Lyft can increase your cost to 200% while the surge pricing for Uber might increase the cost by seven or eight times the original price.

The cost of Lyft and Uber is about the same.

Just have in mind that using rideshare services at peak times is likely to be more expensive that off-peak times.

Lyft vs Uber Coverage Area

Uber has been in the market longer than Lyft and it covers a bigger area worldwide.

Uber currently operates in 45 countries (about 200 cities) and Lyft is in 60+ cities.

Top cities include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C.

Uber and Lyft Driver Benefits and Perks

These two ride-sharing companies offer several benefits to their drivers.

Both Uber and Lyft have pages detailing driver bonuses for active drivers.

Perks include discounted gym memberships, movie tickets, reduced prices on fresh car purchases, and even 15 percent off your AT&T phone bill.

Although both companies have great driver benefits and perks, Uber seems to offer highly valued incentives to their drivers to drive during busy holidays and weekends.

For example, during the Memorial Day weekend in 2014, Uber drivers collected at least $40 per hour just for being signed into driver mode.

In essence, both Uber and Lyft are generous and take very good care of their drivers.

Uber vs Lyft:  The App

For passengers and drivers, both Uber and Lyft apps are generally accepted as easy to use and functional.

Both applications allow you to request a ride, enter a pickup address, watch the driver navigate to your location on the app’s map, and submit ratings with an electronic payment when you get to your ride destination.

The Uber app benefits to some extent by showing passengers the direct cost of their ride.

Nevertheless, the Lyft app has a more fun feel; with fireworks displaying after a high tip is given.

Uber app tends to have a more professional layout but basically, both apps are great.

Uber or Lyft Overall

Each of these companies has its own unique advantages.

Using Uber or Lyft is much easier and more convenient than hailing a traditional taxi on crowded corners.

You just have to get out your Smartphone, log into your preferred app, request for the ride and wait for the driver to show up.

After getting to your destination, you just tap on the app again and pay for it.

Your choice of rideshare apps will depend precisely on what you are looking for.

However, it is advisable to try out each of the services first to see which you like the most.