Finding a working Lyft promo code for existing users is no easy task.

Have you been shopping around for a premium code?

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our exclusive free Lyft codes below.

The popular rideshare company has developed ingenious ways to pitch more value to customers to have the edge over competitors in the transport industry.

As expected, Uber has responded in kind by having offers tailor-made to entice customers and increase publicity and hype.

The result has been a healthy competitive environment building up and pushing between major transport sector players.

This favors the end user.

The remaining fact, however, is that promo codes mainly favor first-time service users.

That said, you should still get a Lyft credit code for existing customers by utilizing the channels discussed below.


Pro Tip: Are you a new customer to this app? Then see our Lyft promotional codes for new users below.[/alert-announce]

1. Premium Lyft Coupons for Existing Customers

Most viable coupons are based on an exchange system where you have to do something to get a valid voucher.

For new users, the light shines brightest.

There are many advertisement offers in major cities where new customers can get $50 in ride credit.

Yep, $50 for a Lyft first ride free.

For current users, for now, you may have to invite your friends to get a decrease in ride cost.

Occasionally free Lyft codes for existing users can pop up for those attending exclusive events.

Events are rare and scarcely ever open to the public.

Still, if you qualify and get notice of such an event, do not hesitate to attend and get a Lyft coupon for current customers.

Keep in mind that typically, Lyft free ride codes obtained this way only last a few days before expiring.

Uber Alternative to the Lyft Credit

Uber stands out as the most established rideshare service.

As such, it is intent on attracting new clients and retaining its market share.

You will benefit from this!

If you’re looking for a Lyft promo code for existing users, this is a great solution.

We suggest taking advantage of their free ride offer by downloading their app and entering the credit code.

Of course, you’ll get your first ride for free with Uber.

Uber is available in over 300 cities and over 58 countries.

You can be sure that they are available in most areas where their competition is available.

Uber Promo Codes for Existing Lyft Users [randomtext category=”year”]

Select an Uber code for current Lyft users below and redeem it on the payment section of the Uber app.

These Uber coupons are all valid and grant you one free ride for the credit amount stated.

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*Note:  We recommend using your promotional discount within 14 days of entering it into your account.

Best Free Lyft Credit Codes for [randomtext category=”month”] [randomtext category=”year”]

If you just so happen to be a new user, you’re in the right place.

We’ve got a Lyft promo code for you.

Typically, some codes work better than others.

Lucky for you, all of our codes are verified to work!

Some of the acclaimed free ride Lyft codes are:

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2. Alternatives to Lyft Codes for Current Users

Already depleted your $50 Lyft signup bonus?

Below are some of the ways you may get a free ride certificate and save money.

Referral Codes for Existing Lyft Users

The Lyft referral program is by far the most surefire way you can use to get a promo code for Lyft.

The referral system was put in place by to boost growth and has been hugely successful.

In fact, it is touted in some circles as being one of the best referral programs out there.

So, how does it work?

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You simply have to obtain your Lyft referral code and identify someone who has not used the service yet.

The goal is to convince him/her to use the service, and you then get your Lyft discount while those you have referred get free rides.

The more people you refer; the more ride credits you earn.

Everybody wins!

However, all those you refer have to indicate that it is indeed you who referred them to activate the free Lyft rides.

This is the only Lyft promo code for existing users out there.


Pro Tip:  There are a lot of people you could refer to gain credit.  You can start with family, friends, and coworkers.  And you could even do a Lyft referral by printing your personal invite code on your business card if you really wanted to!


Where Can I Find My Referral Code?

You can find it in your app.

Under the ‘free rides’ section, you will find your personal referral code.

Share the code with friends and relatives, and you will receive ride credits when those you have referred take their first trip.

Ride with a New User

You may enjoy a free Lyft ride by hitching a new user’s ride.

If you have a group of friends, none of which have used this before, you can recommend it to them and enjoy free rides alongside them as they take their first trip.


Your free ride credits from the referrals remain untouched.

Compounded, you can enjoy many free rides together.

Furthermore,  you and your friends may not have to pay fare for a long while when going out if you follow the above strategy,

You will have fun knowing that your ride back home is free and assured. [divider]

3. Other Lyft Credits for Current Customers

It is evident that there are methods you may use to get Lyft coupon codes and rewards whether you are a new or current user.

Prudence demands that you take advantage of such opportunities to save your hard-earned money and enjoy safe drives to any destination of choice.


Who doesn’t like to save money?

They have also implemented other discounts to take advantage of as the company aggressively seeks to compete with Uber by offering more value and gaining more market share.

They include some of the following programs, but keep your eye out for others as they’re constantly forming new partnerships and offering new specials.

Lyft Pioneer Program

As a pioneer, the goal is to be among the initial users of the service in your location.

You simply have to download the app, and the company will shoulder your ride cost for two weeks.

One trip should not exceed $25 however.

And the friends you manage to recruit get free rides too.

Additionally, you get exclusive honor from the company for being one of the early members of the community in select locations.

Want to know more?

Take a peek at Lyft’s Pioneer page.

Lyft & Starbucks Rewards

Lyft and Starbucks have teamed up to offer gift cards which may be purchased at any participating Starbucks store.

Basically, it’s like a rewards program for using both.

The physical gift cards are non-reloadable.

You can redeem them in your Lyft app to get $20 worth of ride credits.

If at all you fail to use the entire amount on one ride, you can use the remaining balance on a subsequent trip.

Also, once you link your Starbucks and Lyft reward accounts, you earn five stars by taking various qualifying rides between 5 am and 10 am.

The stars are redeemable in select, participating Starbucks centers and you get a 125-star bonus after you link your accounts and take the first ride.

For more information on this partnership, check out the Lyft x Starbucks help page. [divider]

Lyft Promo Code for Existing Users Q&A

When it comes to Lyft coupons, there are often a lot of questions.

For example, you may wonder how to use Lyft credit, how to see what you have, or even how to sign up for Lyft.

Lyft deals can be a great source of savings for both new and existing users if you play your cards right.

So here are some common questions that others have asked.

Hopefully, they help answer some questions you have!

How do I get Lyft credits?

Using a Lyft promo code is easy AND quick; you can do it in 30 seconds or less.

  1. Download the Lyft app (App Store or Google Play Store)
  2. Create your account and log in.
  3. In the upper left hand corner, tap the ‘settings’ icon.
  4. In the field ‘Add Promo Code,’ enter ‘RYDER’ and tap ‘Apply.’

How do I use my Lyft credit?

First, you have to enter the code into your app.  Once that’s been done, it’ll automatically be applied.  To enter the code, go to the ‘Promos’ section in the apps navigation menu.  Tap ‘Enter promo code’ and you’ll be able to input your Lyft promotional code and see its details such as amount available, expiration date, etc.

Is the first ride on Lyft free?

It can be!  If you’re a new user, you can enter a Lyft promo code at signup.  You can use this ride discount code to get a Lyft $50 credit.  You can use the Lyft promotion code GLOWY to earn this free ride credit.

How do I see what promotions I have available?

Your ‘Promos’ screen in the app will show you information about available Lyft coupon codes.