How Do Uber Promotions Work?

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As one of the best deals out there, there is quite a bit of hype surrounding Uber promo codes.

How Do Uber Promo Codes Work

The publicity is warranted.

The rideshare market is quickly becoming cutthroat.

Other players such as Lyft are gaining ground.

This competition perfectly sets the stage for a showdown regarding which company can best manage to accumulate and retain clients.

Free Uber ride codes are their way of offering more value to first time as well as existing customers.

Below is all you need to know about how Uber coupons work.

Uber Discount Codes 101

Want to get your first Uber ride free?

Best Uber Discount Code

As it is with every promotional product, there is a framework in place that governs the promotion process.

Aka, rules.

Below are the basics of promotion codes for Uber.

Who Can Get a Promo Code for Uber?

Anyone can get a free Uber ride by using a promotional code.


New users can enjoy their first ride for free provided they have not already utilized their new user coupon.

For first time users, that is the only requirement.

For existing users, getting an Uber code is not as simple, and you have to do something in exchange for free ride credits.

We will cover it later in the article.

Types of Rides for an Uber Coupon

So, you’ve got a code that gives you your first ride free for Uber.

Now what?

Uber offers different kinds of rides you can use your coupon on.

Tell me more.

These ride options include the following:

  • UberBlack.  This is the most expensive. You get to ride in insured and registered luxury vehicles, such as a luxury sedan or SUV.
  • UberPool.  You can share your ride with another user, or users and then split the fare.
  • UberSelect.  Initially known as UberPlus, it is Uber’s semi-luxury service that involves 4-seater cars from popular, luxury brands such as Mercedes, Audi, and BMW.
  • UberXL.  As the name suggests, it includes vans and vehicles that can sit up to 6 passengers.
  • Uber X.  The traditional taxi service that involves transporting clients in cars like the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Prius, Honda Accord, etc.

Where to Use an Uber Promotion Code

So you have a promo code for Uber.

Where can you use it?

Uber codes are valid in all cities where they are operational.

Rules of the Uber Coupon Code

As aforementioned, there are standards and a framework surrounding all promotions.

Rules of the Uber Coupon Codes

Below are some of the rules that dictate the use of Uber coupons.

Splitting an Uber Promo on Multiple Rides


Free Uber credit codes are good for one-time use only.


If you do not exhaust your free ride credits on your first trip, you will not be able to use the remainder of that certificate on subsequent drives.

Using an Uber Promotion with Another Person

Good news!

Though you cannot carry over your remaining ride credits, you can fit in as many people as possible in your free ride.

You can, therefore, give your friends a treat after a night out using your coupon code.

Using Your Free Uber Code Later

It can be handy to save your credits for when you and a group of people such as family or friends need transport together as a unit.

Save it for a rainy day?


All you have to do is turn off “apply credits” when choosing your preferred mode of payment in the app.

Your credits will not be factored into the payment for that particular trip.

Rides Costing More Than Your Uber Code

If the ride you choose to use your Uber coupon on exceeds the value of your code, you have to pay the balance.


You can pay via cash or debit/credit cards.

To pay using cash, navigate to set pick up location>change (payment methods)> and select cash.

You then have to click on the request trip button, and you will pay the amount shown.

To pay using credit/debit card, you will have to add your card by navigating to the account button> payment> add payment.

Fill your card details after which you will be able to use your card to pay.

You do this before your trip, of course.

Once it’s finished, payment will be rendered automatically.

Uber First Ride Free for New Users

So, is your first Uber ride free?

Uber First Ride Free for Current Users

It certainly can be for new users to the service.

If you’ve never used the platform before, you’re in luck.

No need for shopping around to find a good coupon code advertisement.

We’ve got it here!

Simply use the Uber first ride promo code below to claim your credit.

All of our codes are accurate, verified, and actually work!

No worries or hassle.

$15 Uber Promo Code: RIDESHARE

$50 Lyft Promo Code: STYLISH

Uber Promo Codes for Existing Users

What about current customers?


Are you pushing your luck hoping for some savings too?

Good news.

Uber has instituted ways through which existing users can get discount codes to decrease their ride cost and ensure customer loyalty.

Free Uber Rides When Referring Friends


You can get free Uber rides by recommending the rideshare service to friends and family.

You can pitch it to anyone, from family to friends and even the guy who does your dry cleaning.

Once anyone you have recommended the service to uses Uber, free ride credits are loaded into your account.

Current Uber Discount

When you generate your promo code from the app, it qualifies the one who uses the code for a free Uber ride of up to $20.

On the other hand, your account is credited with $20 in free credits.

That goes for both parties to the referral, of course.

How to Personalize Your Uber Invite Code

Want to make it your own?

To change or personalize your Uber invite code, you have to sign into your Uber rider account by going to

Navigate to free rides found on the top left section and choose personalize.

You can then change or pick the code you like.

Get a Free Uber By Riding with a New User

You can enjoy a free Uber ride by identifying a new user and guiding him/her into downloading the app and requesting for a first ride.

Provided the both of you are headed in the same direction, you can then hitch a free ride.

Above is all you need to know about Uber free rides and how you can utilize them to save a tidy sum on you, or your friend’s fares.

Happy, free riding!

Uber Free Ride FAQs

Do you have a build up of questions about Uber free first rides?

You’re one of many.

Peek ahead to see what others had questions about as well.

We hope it helps!

Can I get an Uber promo code for NOT my first ride?

Yes and no.  The free Uber ride promo codes are ONLY for new users, or ones who haven’t used Uber before.  However, as long as you ENTER a free Uber credit into your account before you actually take that first ride, then you can save that voucher for a later ride if you so choose to.  When choosing your payment method, simply toggle the ‘credits’ tab to ‘on’ or ‘off’ to activate or deactivate your discount.

I’m getting an Uber ‘another promotion was already applied’ error.  What does this mean?

This simply means that a new user code has already been used for this particular account.  These premium codes are one-time use only, so you would not be able to use another new user code with that account.

I need to know how to use an Uber promotion code for my first ride.

Thankfully, entering and using Uber offers can be simple.  To enter your code to get your first Uber free, simply follow these easy instructions:

  1. Notice the button labeled ‘Promotions.’  Click it.
  2. Select ‘Add Promo Code,’ then enter your code.
  3. Tap ‘Apply.’

You’re all set.

I want to know how to apply an Uber promo.

If you’re applying that code for your first ride, go ahead and use the instructions above to do so.  If you’d like to simply enter the code, but not actually apply it towards your FIRST ride, you can save it for a better ride.  When you see the button ‘Apply Credits’ when choosing your payment method, you can toggle it on and off.  Just make sure to get Uber promo codes entered into your account before your first ride, and you’ll be in great shape.