How Do Lyft Promotions Work?

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Wondering what all the hype is about Lyft promo codes?

Well, here’s the deal.

Lyft has been in existence since 2012 and is one of the fastest growing ride-sharing services in the transportation industry.

The company’s main agenda is pushing to gain a competitive edge over Uber who is its biggest competitor in the market.

Below are some of the things you need to know about getting a Lyft free ride.

About Lyft Promotion Codes

Wondering how to use a Lyft discount code?


We’ve got the scoop.

Promo codes for Lyft rides have also been called discount codes, coupon codes, ride credit and referral codes.

They are good for free Lyft rides used to promote their services to new users.

Great publicity!

Think of it as an advertisement that lets you try it before you spend money on it.

Who is Eligible for a Lyft Credit Code?

Anyone is eligible to a Lyft promotional code.



New users are able to use their first Lyft ride for free, as long as they have not used their promo codes or have never requested for a ride before.

These are the only needed requirements.

Available Rides with a Lyft Promo

Lyft Line is similar to ticket splitting.

Think carpooling.

This is a shared ride created to cater for the demand of unused seats.

It helps to match users with other users who are going in the same direction and allows them to split the cost and decrease everyone’s fare.

Prices are fixed and less than the original.

Here are some other options for rides:

  • Lyft:  This is your personal ride. Whether you choose to travel solo or with a group of friends, it all depends on your choice. It is available nationwide.
  • Lyft Plus:  The Lyft Plus is a ride with six seats for anyone in need for more additional space or prefers to ride with friends or family members. It is available nationwide.
  • Lyft Premier:  This is a high-end ride which provides a perfect luxury if you want to arrive in style with your friends to an event. It is available only in selected cities.

Where is a Lyft Free Ride Code Valid?

The Lyft code is valid in cities where the platform is operational.

Regulations with Lyft Codes

Below are rules and regulation frameworks governing this popular voucher.

So, how do I use my Lyft credit?

We’ve got ideas!

Check out the build up of ideas below.

Can I Use Half of a Lyft Credit Now & Half Later?

Unfortunately, you cannot.

Codes for a free Lyft first ride are exactly that.

They are for one-time use only.

You need to make full use of your free credit rides and cannot carry the balance to your next ride.

Using Free Lyft Codes with Friends

If you are not able to exhaust your free rides, you can use your remaining credit rides with friends by inviting them over to have a ride with you.

The more, the merrier!

Do I Have to Use a Lyft Discount Code Immediately?

Yes, it is possible.

You can save your credits for future use if you do not want your credit being used to pay for your fare.

You can do this by turning your credits off by tapping on the credit toggle button.

Rides Costing More Than the Lyft Discount

If your ride exceeds the value of your promo code, then you need to top up the remaining balance by cash or via your credit cards.

Don’t worry, it’s easy.

All of this gets set up before you ride anyways, so you’ll be good to go.

To pay via cash select your location, and change your payment method to cash and click on the trip button request and pay.

To pay via debit or credit card, add your card to the account button>click payment>click on add payment.

Fill your details and make your payment.

Lyft Coupon Codes for New Users

Never used this service before?

Are you wondering…is the first ride on Lyft free?

Lyft Coupon Codes for New Users

It could be…

No need for shopping around to find a way to get that Lyft free first ride.

We’ve got the codes!

All of them are verified to be current and valid.

  • HYPE
  • SOAR
  • GOAT

Where Do I Enter My Free Ride Code for Lyft?

You’re not alone in wondering this.

Thankfully, it’s easy!

The following instructions will get you there.

Also, be sure to follow the steps provided on-screen while creating your account.

First, you can sign up or sign in via Facebook or using an email address.

  1. On the top left hand side of your app, tap ‘Menu.’
  2. Choose the option ‘Payment.’
  3. Type in the code HYPE in the blank at the bottom labeled ‘Add promo code.’
  4. Hit ‘Apply.’

All done and ready to save!  Additional help for entering your code can be found on Quora.

Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users

Currently, there are no promo codes for existing users.

Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users


They can gain benefits from free ride credit in other ways.

Lyft Coupons Via Referrals

As an existing user, you receive a $20 credit in your account by referring new users, family, friends and other third parties through the ‘Give A Ride, Get A Ride’ referral program.

You can pitch it to anyone to earn a referral credit.

Everyone wins!

Current Lyft Sign Up Bonus

Once you refer a new passenger, they receive credit right away and they can view it on the ‘Payment’ section of the app.

For the referring passenger, they receive credit after the newly referred passenger takes a ride.

Make sure to take notice…

To receive your referral bonus credit, the person you invite must be completely new to the service and must enter your Lyft referral code before taking their first ride.

Riding Along on a Friend’s Lyft First Ride Free

You can enjoy a free Lyft ride with any first-time new user/s provided if both of you are heading towards the same destination.

The certificate isn’t limited by the number of people in the ride.

You can use this opportunity to guide them on how to download the app and request for their first free ride.

If you want to save more and enjoy the free credit rides with your friends.

Why not make use of a premium Lyft promo code for $50 today!