Benefits of Using Uber and Lyft Services

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Requesting a ride directly from your smartphone is one of the many conveniences that services such as Uber and Lyft bring. You don’t have to worry about flagging down a taxi, being late to an appointment, or worse yet, paying outrageous amounts for a short ride to work or school. These types of services have risen in popularity due to the many benefits they boast.

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While Uber is a leading ride provider, Lyft does not fall far behind. It’s significantly increasing in popularity and making its way around different cities. A great perk is that once you sign up for Lyft, you will receive a free ride. If you are looking for an Uber free ride, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will show you the ins and outs of taking advantage of the features both services bring.

There are many advantages when using an Uber or Lyft app. They offer much more perks than taxis do and for that reason, are increasing in popularity. When Uber launched for the first time in San Francisco, there was a decrease in the need for taxis. This service provides a safe, efficient, and convenient way for consumers to get around.

Additionally, the way they do business is more accessible and time-efficient than taxi operators’ traditional method. Uber and Lyft services also offer ride sharing to save consumers money, which is not something taxis provide. At the end of the ride, an email receipt is sent to the user whereas taxis still use written copies that get lost within a few minutes.

5 Reasons to Use Rideshare

reasons to use rideshare

1. Accessibility In A Matter of Minutes

Accessibility is one of the many perks of these services. Users from all around the world can request a ride in a few taps! Even if you are not the most tech-savvy person, you’ll find that you can easily navigate the app to request a trip. There will be no need to wait in line, wave down a taxi, or call dispatch. Drivers are available within minutes, especially in dense urban markets. You can even schedule rides days in advance!

2. Convenience With Cashless Payments

Rides involve quick pickup times and cashless payments giving you the option to pay with your debit/credit card or PayPal. You won’t have to worry about fumbling for cash and can simply say thank you and get out. Often you’ll see Uber codes for existing users of which you want to take advantage! Also, upon requesting the ride, you’ll be able to see the location of your driver and distance from you. This feature comes in handy when you’re trying to finish up some last-minute things at home.

3. Inexpensive Rides For Everyone

This cost-effectiveness is the reason that taxi drivers have lost so much business. Uber and Lyft services offer ride-sharing options to make rides more affordable. Even in cities like New York City, UberX is cheaper than a taxi. If you and other passengers are headed in the same direction, then it doesn’t hurt to share a ride! This strategy is a win-win situation for both the drivers and passengers because the drivers get paid the same while the riders get a lower bill. New users even receive a Lyft or Uber promotion code to get them started.

4. Safety And Peace Of Mind

From the moment you request a ride, you’ll be able to view a photo of your driver as well as their license plate number. You can share this information with others and even have the option of canceling your ride if you change your mind. Keep in mind that all drivers have gone through extensive background checks to increase safety. They are there to keep you safe and take you to your destination in a prompt manner.

5. Better Service And Reliability

A great feature enabled in both Uber and Lyft applications is the ability to rate your driver. Because drivers get rated, they are motivated to keep a clean car and provide excellent service. You can read through the comments and leave a rating yourself once your ride is complete. You’ll also have the option to tip them if they met your expectations. Uber deactivates poorly rated drivers. This is another reason why Uber rides are usually enjoyable. Use your Uber coupon code today to enjoy excellent service.

Not only this but if you had a problem with your driver, you would typically undergo an easy dispute resolution and prompt refund if applicable. There are many rideshare apps available to users. Both Lyft and Uber are still expanding domestically and internationally. Their services are continued to be improved to serve users better. There are also a few differences between both services, which determine why users prefer one over the other. Let’s cover the main reasons.

The Rise of Smartphone Transportation Apps

smartphone transportation apps

The Lyft App

Though both Lyft and Uber may seem interchangeable, there are some significant differences between both services. The main difference is that Lyft only operates in the United States. This service operates in nearly 60 cities nationwide, and rates are often lower than Uber’s since drivers are not in as much high demand as Uber. With the Lyft app, passengers will enjoy a friendly, laid-back type of service. Drivers will usually engage in a conversation with them if appropriate.

You can also redeem free ride credits easily, check driver’s information, and compare arrive times and pricing. Lyft allows customers to reserve rides up to 7 days in advance, while Uber lets them schedule a trip 30 day in advance. This is an excellent feature because it allows consumers to plan if they are planning to travel and need efficient transportation.

Consequently, at the end of your ride, you will be able to tip and rate the driving directions from the app, making it more convenient for everyone. When signing up for Lyft, you will receive a promo code for the Uber first ride free coupon you obtained. We also encourage you to give Lyft a try so you can compare both services to see which one suits you best. After all, you’ll be receiving a free ride out of it!

The Uber App

There are a few reasons why the Uber app is a leader in this industry. They have been around longest and offer rides in 200 cities spanning over 55 countries which is impressive. Their service is considered more professional and not as casual in comparison to Lyft. These less personal experiences are preferred by many users because it gives them the opportunity to quietly sit in the backseat and get a few things done.

A few fun features shared by Uber are the opportunity to communicate with the driver. You can call the driver at any time while awaiting pickup or if there is a problem, they will reach out to you. Users can also play their music through Spotify or estimate the cost of a ride. New users even get a free Uber ride with which to start. To increase safety and comfort, they have the option of sending all information to another person so that they can track their ride.

All in all, both services continue to work towards providing safe, affordable, and efficient rides for all their customers. They are available 24/7. However, users may find trouble finding a ride in the middle of the night if they live in a small city with limited drivers operating. Both services have a typical wait time of just a few minutes making it convenient for users.