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Frequently Asked Questions

RideShare.us is dedicated to reducing our dependence on the oil economy and greenhouse gas emissions through the promotion of ridesharing / carpooling in the United States. It is an online application that facilitates ridesharing or carpooling over the Internet. Organizations, schools, businesses and individuals can utilize the program, which allows for the creation of an almost instant online rideshare / carpool solution. There is no charge and the benefits are numerous.

  • Save Money
  • Reduce Environmental Impact
  • Reduce Dependence On Oil
  • Reduce Road Congestion
  • Save Parking Lot Space
  • Get To Know New People

A ridesharing page can be for anything you want to carpool to or from. Some common use cases are workplaces, schools, festivals, parties, weddings, demonstrations or gatherings of any kind. Once a ridesharing page has been entered into the system, ride ads can then be listed in association with it.

One-Time Event Page: This type of event happens on a definite day such as a party, festival, or demonstration. Your page will remain in search results until it is one day past the expiration date you give the listing.

Continuous Page: This type of page might be for a school or workplace listing. When submitting the listing, check the 'See Description' box to display that message instead of the date of your listing. Checking this box will also ensure that your listing appears in search results until you delete it.

To list a ridesharing page you must first register with the system by providing a username, password and email address. If you are already registered you simply need to login.

Once that is completed you can click on the 'Create New Page' link in the sidebar, fill out the form with your details and click the submit button. You will provide your Lookup Code at this time.

Remember to keep a copy of your Lookup Code as well as the URL of your page which can be copied out of your browser address bar. These two items will help your riders quickly locate your listing.

Once you are logged in and have submitted a listing, the system will offer you a link to the update page from your listing.

To view the page details, after you log in click the 'My Pages' link in the sidebar. When the list of your pages appears you must click the 'More Details' link for the appropriate page.
Simply fill out the fields you would like to update and click the submit button. You can update all the page details except for the lookup code.

To list a ride ad you must first register with the system by providing a username, password and email address. If you are already registered you simply need to login.
Next you must locate or submit the ridesharing page you would like to list your ride ad with. A common mistake is to accidentally create a ridesharing page when you really meant to register a ride ad. Chances are if you have been referred here by an organization to list a ride ad they already have a ridesharing page listed in the system for you to find. They may have provided you with a Lookup Code which you can enter on the home page to go directly to their listing. It is important to list your ride ad under their ridesharing page to prevent confusion.

If you know for sure that you are the organizer of the event as well as a rider, you will need to register your ridesharing page first and then list a ride ad with it.

Once you have found or posted a ridesharing page, click on the 'Register a ride ad with this page' link on the event details page, fill out the details of the ride submission form that appears, and click the submit button.

Once you have logged in and submitted a ride ad the system will offer you a link to the ride update page when you view the ride details page for your listing.

Click this link, make your changes and click the submit button. You can update any ride detail.

1. To delete a ridesharing page or ride ad you must first login.
2. Then locate the ride ad or page by clicking the 'My Ride Ads' or 'My Pages' link in the sidebar and choosing the correct listing.
3. You will then be presented with a link at the bottom of the page to delete the ride ad or page listing.

PLEASE NOTE: When you delete a ridesharing page listing it will also delete all associated ride ads.

A lookup code is a word or string of characters that you provide for your ridesharing page listing when it's entered into the system. This code can then be used to quickly and easily locate the page with a search. The code, along with the RideShare.us website address can be passed out with organizational documentation and advertisements to let your participants know where to find your ridesharing page.

The lookup code serves another purpose as well. When a ridesharing page is marked as private it will not come up in any database query except for the lookup code search. This means that the page cannot be found by anyone who doesn't have the correct code (It is possible, though unlikely, that someone could guess your code). This feature should be viewed as a way to keep your page out of normal search results, not as a guaranteed method of security.

A page that is marked as private will come up only when a successful lookup code search is performed. This basically means that people who don't have your code will not find your page. Make sure to choose an uncommon lookup code if you want your page to be hard to find. This feature should be viewed as a way to keep your event out of normal search results, not as a guaranteed method of security.

Don't add <html>, <head>, or <body> tags. They are already provided. For best results you should only use the following html tags in your ridesharing page or ride descriptions to provide formatting. Any URL or email address you enter will automatically be turned into a hyperlink:

  • If you want text to appear in bold or italics you can enclose it with <strong> or <em> tags respectively. For example:
    <strong>This text appears in bold.</strong>
    <em>This text appears in italics.</em>
  • To create a line break you simply place a <br />
    tag at the beginning or end of a line. For example:
    This text will be on line one.<br />
    This text will be on the next line down.<br /><br />

    This text skips a line because there are 2 break tags above it.

Users who do not register can only view ridesharing pages and ride ads in the system. You must be registered and logged in to create or update a page or ride ad. You must also be logged in if you want to contact any other users of the system to arrange for a carpool. This is to prevent abuse of the system and better protect privacy. Registration is easy as we only ask for a username, password and valid email address.

You can use the link from the home page to update your password. You must provide your username and the email address we have on file for you. When you submit this form your password will be reset and the new password will be emailed to you.

Once you are logged in there will be a link in the sidebar that takes you to the form where you change your email, password or both.

Your privacy is guarded by this system which never displays your email address to visitors. No personal information is given out unless you send it yourself. When you decide to contact another rider you can direct the system to send them a message with your email address and a personal note from you so they can get in touch. We do not otherwise distribute, sell, or rent any information you enter into the system.

The RideShare.us website is provided as a public service and assumes no responsibility for your safety or the service you receive. You agree to use this Web site only to organize or find a rideshare or carpool. While you are encouraged to send suggestions regarding improvements, our service is provided as is with no guarantees.

RideShare.us is not associated with any university, college, business, or other agency that has posted a listing in our database.

We reserve the right to monitor system usage for abuse, and to terminate your account at any time and for any reason.

By using this Website you agree and accept that we are not responsible for any aspect of your travel or accommodations. You must be careful and prudent in deciding who you ride with and where and when you go. While we encourage you to use RideShare.us, we also ask you to be cautious and travel wisely!